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Small room, big trouble

To misquote Swifty, I knew it was trouble the moment I walked in to the toilet, and to sort of  quote Pulp,  it had ‘woodchip on the wall.’

After a prolonged hiatus on getting the inside of our house finished I am on a mission to get most of the downstairs completed by Christmas. When I say ‘I am on a mission’ it is actually me doing as much of the work as I can, paying only for the skills I don’t have or need an expert, like the electrics, but otherwise saving the money where we can to get the house fully renovated.  I decided to start in what are the smallest three rooms in the house, but arguably the most tricky – the front porch and cloakroom. For small rooms, they’re all rather fiddly; lots of wires, lots of doors, original red quarry tiles, a dodgy old loo and the devils wallpaper – woodchip, that hangover from the 70s, the era that taste forgot.  Sadly I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture of the creamery yellow woodchip (every wall in this house was on of fifty shades of yellow when we moved in). I know. I bet you’re gutted to miss seeing that.

I knew it was probably the only thing keeping the walls up, and I was right. Thankfully and somewhat satisfyingly, it came off quite easily (pulling most of it off in long reams) and the rest came with the help of a steamer. As did most of the plaster (hidden by the door in the photo).  To be honest, I quite like the unstripped derelicté look, but it’s perhaps a little too unfinished. One step forward, ten steps back in this house, but we looked on it as an opportunity to get the electrician round to bury the wires and replace the light fittings. All good. Then came the bad news. It’s a three month wait for the plumber and a two month wait for the plasterer. Which, I suppose, gives me plenty of time to work out the colour scheme. I’m currently oscillating between dark or light, railings or the delightfully named dead salmon. What do you think? And in the mean time there’s the dining room to start revamping.


Dead Salmon colour scheme:

Railings colour scheme:

Or a combination of the two:


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