Hi there,

I’m Lucy, wife to Tim, mum to Toby and Florrie, and this is my online journal of life at our house The Old Vicarage and in our garden, inspired partly by the garden diaries I found in our shed when we moved in, plus other adventures we occasionally get up to. It’s about trying to turn this house from an unloved homage to all things 80s into a lovely  Instagrammable (surely the barometer of everything these days?)  family home, raising two kids as best I can, growing veg as best I can, and writing a book (as best I can…).

Since moving out of London 4 years ago from a small Victorian terrace to a larger Victorian house I’ve been slowly reconnecting with everything I loved but never had time for when I was a political geek working in Westminster (yes I’m still partly a politics geek); reading; writing; creating; gardening and nature; running; baking, and some new things such as decorating and now blogging. It’s all work in progress and it’s all a bit of everything – including when things go wrong, because (and whisper this quietly) life doesn’t always go perfectly to plan.

I’m learning and adapting to a slower kind of life, learning to stop and look around and working out how to have less ‘stuff’ and more life. But mostly, I just hope you enjoy having a nose around the blog and reading about what’s going on At The Old Vicarage.